PS4 Black Wireless Controller
PS4 Black Wireless Controller
PS4 Black Wireless Controller
PS4 Black Wireless Controller
PS4 Black Wireless Controller
PS4 Black Wireless Controller

PS4 Black Wireless Controller

Victim of its success

Come and discover your black PS4 Bluetooth controller designed in France! Developed to offer you the best in terms of ergonomics and to bring you more precision in the game. To satisfy your needs and above all to please you, we have opted for an optimal comfort, with a wide range of colours! Focus on your game with its built-in speakers and dual vibration motor. You can even enjoy your games in private thanks to the controller's built-in headphone jack, which allows you to plug in any headphones. The PS4 Wireless Controller comes with a 1m charging cable for independent play.

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Highlights of your wireless PS4 controller!

If you want to buy one of our cheap wireless PS4 controllers you won't be disappointed! We've worked hard to deliver the best in design and construction. First and foremost, this is a wireless PS4 controller that allows you to be free in your gaming movements.

Its built-in speakers immerse you in total immersion and its stereo headphone jack allows you to enjoy your games in private mode. And thanks to its dual-vibration motor, you'll feel every action as you play.

Its click pad allows you to access certain features depending on the game and thanks to its LED indicator you can easily know the number of players and the game actions. The LEDs on top of your controller provide you with charge status information and also a connection indication.

The joysticks of our PS4 controller are pleasant to the touch and are high quality analog and 3D. The PS4 controller comes with a 1m charging cable but for your convenience you can also buy a 3m long PS4 controller cable ideal for playing and charging at the same time!

Easy to use if you're a beginner, you can even adapt your accessories according to your game evolution. You have in your hands a quality PS4 compatible controller at a price that everyone can afford.

We've focused on our generally young customers who don't necessarily have access to high-end products. In addition, you can use it on your PS5 console with PS4 games. Updates (only on PC) are regularly made to ensure that your controller is always up to date! So don't wait to buy a PS4 controller!

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