PS3 Bluetooth controller black
PS3 Bluetooth controller black
PS3 Bluetooth controller black
PS3 Bluetooth controller black
PS3 Bluetooth controller black
PS3 Bluetooth controller black
PS3 Bluetooth controller black
PS3 Bluetooth controller black

PS3 Bluetooth controller black


The black PS3 bluetooth controller allows you to play wherever you want and for as long as you want, thanks to its high range and autonomy.

The first contact with gaming is when you put your hands on the controller. This special moment can be ruined by its insufficient performance. At Under Control, we want you to love gaming and really enjoy your gaming experience, without the hassle.

The black PS3 compatible Bluetooth controller offers great performance and battery life, ideal for your hectic and long lasting games, at home or on the move.

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A powerful, autonomous Play Station 3 controller

A Play Station 3 controller that combines performance and autonomy, this is the PS3 Bluetooth controller from Under Control.

  • 10 meter range to play from anywhere
  • Integrated, safe and autonomous lithium battery
  • Indicators that tell you about the state of charge

Designed to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and less restrictive, this controller can be carried anywhere. You can play, challenge and adventure on a Play Station 3 console, from wherever you want and with the opponents and teammates you choose. 

A powerful Bluetooth controller, even over long distances

The absence of a cable allows you to make the moves you want without the cable getting in the way or preventing you from really enjoying your gaming experience. When you get your feet caught in the wire or can't move a metre, it can quickly turn a moment of fun and discovery into a moment of frustration.

Its 10-metre range allows you to sit comfortably in the desired area of the room without being disconnected.

Its performance is also based on usage detection. When you stop playing for a certain period of time, it will automatically go to standby. This will save the battery and when it is low, it will send you signals to let you know.

A controller that tells you the status of its battery

Have you ever run out of battery power in the middle of a duel with one of your friends? With Under Control, this will never happen to you again. You can always keep an eye on the battery status of your controller with a voltage range of 3.7-4.2V. The lithium battery lasts 3 to 4 times longer than lead-acid batteries, and it's still going strong.

A low battery warning alerts you before it shuts down so you can quickly plug it into the mains. The 1 metre cable allows you to continue playing even while it's charging.

Charging indicators show you the charge status of your controller as it charges.

Choose the black PS3 Bluetooth controller to play without distance or battery constraints!

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