PS2 Wired Controller Black 2M
PS2 Wired Controller Black 2M
PS2 Wired Controller Black 2M
PS2 Wired Controller Black 2M
PS2 Wired Controller Black 2M
PS2 Wired Controller Black 2M

PS2 Wired Controller Black 2M


The Under Control black wired PS2 controller has all the features of the original controller: ergonomics, buttons, vibration mode...

Our PS2 controller has a well thought-out design to make it easier to hold. You will be able to enjoy an ergonomic controller and access all the action buttons without any difficulty.

The Under Control Retro Gaming Controller is also equipped with several features to enhance the gaming experience. The TURBO function and the vibration system will allow you to enjoy a total immersion in the universe of your favourite games.

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All the features of the wired PS2 controller

Discover all the features of the PS2 Under Control.

  • Analogue action buttons
  • TURBO function
  • Controller with vibration system
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Cable length: 1.80 m
  • Also compatible with PS1TM

Easy to grip

The ergonomic shape of theUnder Control controller makes it easy to grip and improve your gameplay. For both strategy and fighting games, the analogue action buttons will allow you to enjoy enhanced gameplay.

The design of the controller has been specially thought out to offer gamers an optimal playing comfort. The buttons are ideally positioned to facilitate all game actions. You can operate the joystick while performing the actions of your choice. The PS2 controller is ideal for fighting, sports, football and platform games.

A vibration system

The controller's vibration system allows you to enjoy total immersion in your favourite games. This feature is ideal for feeling the full effects of your games and experiencing them in a more real-life way. Thanks to the vibration system, you can feel the shockwaves of explosions and the vibrations of your vehicle's engine as if you were there.

Enhanced TURBO function

The TURBO function is a must-have feature for all fans of shooting and fighting games. Are you used to playing war games that require speed and dexterity? The TURBO function of the PS2 controller allows you to shoot at the fastest speed the game allows. This is the perfect way to defeat your enemies!

To set up this mode, nothing could be easier! Just hold down the TURBO button and press the button you want to use.

PS1 Backwards Compatibility

The PS2 Under Control has the advantage of being compatible with the PS1. Do you still have your old console and want to play retro games? No problem, just connect your PS2 controller directly to your Play 1 using the controller cable.

145 mm
94 mm
220 mm
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